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DanhyPro chess academy serves all category of chess level from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, age from 5 years old and above are welcome to join. We believe that everyone can play chess and develop his or her own abilities as well as his or her own pattern of thinking while having fun and enjoying the game.


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  • We aim to provide engaging and enjoyable chess coaching services that help students develop values and skills important in all spheres of life, including perseverance and strategizing.
  • Understanding our students’ needs.
    Our Academy is the best place to learn chess Situated in a convenient location and the ideal place for a child to be introduced to chess.
  • We know how to teach chess in a unique way that combines fun with a set of tools and skills that can take one’s Chess-playing ability to new heights.
  • Our Trainers are motivated to share their knowledge.
    Our training sessions are extremely interactive and aim at bringing out the right qualities in a child.


Our institution consists of FIDE titled players and coaches with a fine resume.
Here, chess coaches/instructors are passionate about chess and are equally experienced in working with both individuals and groups.


About Danhypro Chess Academy

At DanhyPro chess academy, we believe in the power of an alert and healthy mind as a positive tool for problem solving in our society; we also believe the future of our nation is as good as the future of today’s youngsters

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