Chess In Schools

Changing lives one move at a time

Why Chess?
At Chess in the Schools, we believe in the power of chess to change lives. To date, we have taught more than a thousand kids, inspiring them to greater achievement. Each day, we are proud to help kids grow, one move at a time. Our impact is demonstrated by classroom teacher’s responses to our annual survey:


95% Chess had a meaningful positive impact on my students.

92% Chess developed students’ analytical and logical skills.

86% Chess improved my students’ math skills.

94% Girls and boys are equally interested in chess in my class.

99% Want Chess in the Schools in their class next year.

92% Chess helped my students concentrate better.

93% Chess enhanced my students’ cooperation and ccollaboration skills.

About Danhypro Chess Academy

At DanhyPro chess academy, we believe in the power of an alert and healthy mind as a positive tool for problem solving in our society; we also believe the future of our nation is as good as the future of today’s youngsters

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