About Us


DanhyPro chess academy was founded by the Nigerian champion and International Master of chess Daniel Anwuli (IM) as a result of his drive to provide better chess development services in Nigeria much better than what it has been.

At Danhypro chess academy, we believe in the power of an alert and healthy mind as a positive tool for problem-solving in our society; we also believe the future of our nation is as good as the future of today’s youngsters.

Danhypro chess academy is a subsidiary of Danhypro Services Limited RC:1622220. Danhypro Chess Academy is an educational initiative focused on the development of the fundamental values of critical thinking, objectivity in decision making and personal responsibility, through the recreational medium of chess with a primary goal and vision to promote chess in schools and communities at large.


To imprint upon these youngsters and teens the edicts of problem-solving in a positive and friendly way through the medium of chess.


It is our passion to improve people, it is our goal to inspire you!


1. Be the best that we can be
2. Impart our learning and skills with sincerity
3. Provide a secure educational environment that encourages parents to enrol their children in the academy.

What we do

Why Choose DanhyPro chess academy

Award Winning Coaches

If you want to develop and improve your chess skills, our privtate training are the most effective option for one-on-one or as a group way of teaching. Our classes allow participants to ask questions and learn new techniques and methods at their own pace.

  • We teach chess in a unique way that combines fun with a set of tools and skills that can take one’s chess-playing ability to new heights.
  • We aim to provide engaging and enjoyable chess coaching services that help students develop values and skills important in all spheres of life, including perseverance and strategizing.
  • Our training sessions are extremely interactive and aim at bringing out the right qualities in a child.

Goal Driven

We are affiliated to the Nigeria Chess Federation and the World Chess Federation

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