The Danhypro U-20 Abuja edition event had a total of 64 participants and was a gaping contrast to the first edition (Port Harcourt) which had 25 participants.

It was a 9-round rapid tournament and was very interesting through to round 9 as the participation of new players made a whole lot of difference.

The Danhypro U-20 Abuja editionParticipants

The hosts consisted of The Tournament director, Samuel Ojikutu, Assistant Tournament director, Michael Benson and Chief Arbiter, Titoluwanimi Rapheal. All protocols were duly observed in the playing hall and all players followed all chess rules, as such, dispute resolution was reduced to the barest minimum.

The Danhypro U-20 Abuja edition– (Top) Chief Arbiter- Titoluwanimi Rapheal and Tournament director- Ojikutu Samuel (Bottom) Tournament director- Ojikutu Samuel and Assistant tournament director- Michael Benson

The event was covered by Africa Chess Media and Bruvschess media.

(Top) Africa Chess MediaMr. Ogunsiku Babatunde (Bottom) Bruvschess Media-Mr. Tolulope Fasinu

The DanhyPro Chess U-20 Tournament started at exactly 9:00 AM. The arbiters ensured fairness and kept coaches, guardians and parents from distracting the players as necessary.

As expected, the Swiss manager paired the rated players with the unrated players in the first and second rounds which gave some unrated players the chance to showcase their preparations and the rated players didn’t exactly find it easy defending themselves.


The round six games were filled with interesting games almost on all the boards, Eyetonghan Denyefa Callistus-2014 picked a win on board 18 against Abubakar Hassan after missing the fifth game yesterday due to late arrival for the round.

Eyetonghan Denyefa Callistus-2014

Onoja Iyefu Joy, Suleiman Azumi Ayisha, both won the sixth games to get ahead of the race for best female prices while Jessica Tirnom Bello and Iguehi Elora Oise were slowed down.

Onoja Iyefu Joy

Osadebe Michael Ikechukwu, Olisa Tennyson, Okemakinde Toluwanimi and   Okeke Daniel, all on 4 points before the round of six, but won their games to catch up with CM Okeke Isaac who drew his match with Idara Emmanuel on board one.

Idara Emmanuel Versus Olisa Tennyson

At the seventh round, only two players were without a loss in the tournament namely; Okeke Issac-1728 and Okemakinde Toluwanimi-1975, but they sure aren’t winning all either, not with such level of competition going on. Virtually all the top 6 players all held 5 points respectively and the top 20 rank all held 4 points as at the seventh round of the nine rounds event.

Idara Emmanuel Versus Okemakinde Toluwanimi

After Idara Emmanuel successfully took out Olisa Tennyson off the medal race in the 8th round, he was unable to consolidate in his last game against Okemakinde Toluwanimi in the last round where he ran out of time on his clock in the endgame play.

The round 9 pairing had Onoja Iyefu Joy paired on board two as white against CM Okeke Isaac, which is very coincidental with the same pairing of the round 8 of the Port Harcourt Edition.

Onoja Iyefu Joy Versus CM Okeke Isaac

As at round 9, Onoja Iyefu Joy is with 6 points at this point now competes for more than just the ladies prize but a place on the top 10 rank maybe top five if she wins the last game. But CM Okeke Isaac was the opponent and also needs a win to secure himself the silver medal or maybe a chance at the gold.

Onoja Iyefu Joy Versus CM Okeke Isaac

Iyefu lost the game by time flag but then, the 6 points was sufficient for her to win the BEST FEMALE Gold Medal by tie-break as Suleiman Azumi Ayisha-1726 also finished 6points after she was able to defeat Iguehi Elora Oise.

Suleiman Azumi Ayisha-1726

Even though Okemakinde and Isaac finished with no loss, and also played a draw on their personal encounter, Toluwani had the lower performance rating due to the first-round game which he won by walkover. Hence, CM Isaac Okeke takes the champion’s trophy ranking #1 by tie-break.

Champion of Danhypro chess tour Abuja Edition 2021- CM Isaac Okeke

Final Ranking after 9 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
17Okeke IssacNGR17287,50,5653,0
22Okemakinde ToluwanimiNGR19757,50,5648,5
328Idara EmmanuelNGR07,01,0654,5
44Olisa TennysonNGR18537,00,0649,5
511Akinbodewa AdebayoNGR14796,51,0649,0
634Keyi Lucky MusaNGR06,50,0651,0
730Iheanacho EmmanuelNGR06,00,0647,5
88Suleiman Azumi AyishaNGR17266,00,0645,0
91Eyetonghan Denyefa CallistusNGR20146,00,0644,5
105Onoja Iyefu JoyNGR17686,00,0644,0
116Salako ClintonNGR17676,00,0643,0
1254Uchegbu DamiansonNGR06,00,0641,0
1347Osadebe Michael IkechukwuNGR06,00,0553,5
1413Abdullahi AdamuNGR05,50,0550,0
1512ACMIwuozor JohnNGR05,50,0548,0
163Matan Adebayo OludayoNGR19155,50,0548,0
1724Ekunke Odey GoodnessNGR05,50,0540,5
1860Iwuagwu Williams OnyedikachiNGR05,50,0537,5
1953Ferdinard Tersay JosephNGR05,00,0549,0
2039Okeke DanielNGR05,00,0548,5
2135Khalid AhmedNGR05,00,0548,0
2229Iguehi Elora OiseNGR05,00,0545,5
2316Adedapo JeremiahNGR05,00,0544,5
2432Jessica Tirnom BelloNGR05,00,0544,0
2510Afolabi EmmanuelNGR15855,00,0544,0
2631Isah AbubakarNGR05,00,0542,0
2757Yakubu Daniel JasonNGR05,00,0540,5
2861Iwuagwu Ayomide IfesinachiNGR05,00,0536,0
2937Ocheja Ojochoguwu EstherNGR05,00,0535,5
3015Abubakar HassanNGR05,00,0449,0
3148Raphael OrjiekweNGR05,00,0440,0
3223Ekunke Iyambe PerezNGR04,50,0442,0
3320Chinonso Chuks SamuelNGR04,50,0438,0
3426Gloria Ishaya KaruNGR04,50,0433,0
3533Jonathan TikoNGR04,00,0445,5
3652Suurshater GbertyohNGR04,00,0443,5
3758Yakubu EmmanuelNGR04,00,0440,5
3818Ahmad Sadiq MuazuNGR04,00,0440,0
3956Utange Kevin AondokatorNGR04,00,0440,0
4062Abdulmajeed ChadiNGR04,00,0438,5
4151Shekwolo DanielNGR04,00,0437,0
4219Bernice OnoriodeNGR04,00,0435,5
4341Okeke Prince NzubechukwuNGR04,00,0435,0
4446Orji NmesomachukwuNGR04,00,0434,5
4527Grace Okunola AjibolaNGR04,00,0433,5
4625Emmanuel SamuelNGR04,00,0431,0
4749Samad MohammedNGR03,50,0340,5
4814Abdulrazaq MuhammedNGR03,00,0340,0
4940Okeke Praise AkachukwuNGR03,00,0338,5
5036Mofiba OgunwumijuNGR03,00,0336,0
5121Edith IshayaNGR03,00,0334,5
5222Egwudah AnslemNGR03,00,0333,0
5350Samuel IsaacNGR03,00,0332,5
5443Olofu JesseNGR03,00,0331,0
5545Orji KosisochukwuNGR03,00,0328,0
5659Ziptaram AnyankahNGR03,00,0235,5
5763Precious AinsaNGR02,50,0238,0
5838Oha MichaelNGR02,00,0233,0
5955Oha EmmanuelNGR02,00,0126,5
6042Olofu EphraimNGR02,00,0126,0
6164Stephanie NwachukwuNGR01,51,0128,0
6217Jess EgwundahNGR01,50,0128,5
639Maxwell TitusNGR16810,00,0027,0
44Omesu Miracle ChinyereNGR00,00,0027,0

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories (variable)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)

The under-14 category saw 10-year-old Ekunke Goodness come out tops again, remaining a talent to be reckoned with. He went home not only as a winner of the category but also a special award for the youngest contestant with the best performance.

Champion of The under-14 category- Ekunke Goodness

We had a total of 23 prizes, all adding up to a massive 425,000 naira! A great number went home with smiles on their faces as a result of surpassing standards set in the previous Port Harcourt edition of the DanhyPro U-20 chess Tour series and doing better in the Abuja edition with certain promise to do more in the Asaba and Lagos edition due in the months of July and October respectively. The whole tour after the four states has a total cash prize of 2 million naira.

The closing ceremony started at 3pm in the noon of Sunday 25th April, 2021 and the award ceremony was an exciting one for everyone because the chief arbiter made sure to fill the hall with smiles and laughter.  There was call to the high table after which an opening prayer was given by the tournament director, Ojikutu Samuel.

Special guests in attendance during the closing ceremony were: MrAnthony Ogor, Mr. Sema Davies, CM Job Atabor, Mr. Josh Ali, Solace Mbilitem and Michael Benson

A brief opening speech was given by the assistant tournament director, Mr. Michael Benson who gave a insight about Danhypro services limited and also shared the vision behind the Danhypro tour.

The Danhypro tour is aimed at discovering talents in Nigeria, which leaders in the various zones can see and put in their resources to see them evolve into top players in the not too distant future. In his words, “Danhypro Services limited is a firm that is very passionate about chess development in Nigeria and will continue to promote chess development via sponsorship and support to aid junior chess development and growth in Nigeria, thereby making valid contributions to the future of Nigeria chess”.

Assistant tournament director- Michael Benson

Also, there was an exhibition match held between Veteran chess player Mr. Josh Ali and Okemakinde Toluwanimi, which ended in a drawi

Chess Exhibition matchMr. Josh Ali versus Okemakinde Toluwanimi

After the medals and prizes were awarded, THE GO FOR WEST AFRICAN GRAND-MASTER INITIATIVE sponsored a special awards segment to encourage some participants, the first was the N10,000 cash prize award for Youngest player with the best performance which was merited by Ekunke Goodness and the award to a PLAYER IN A CHESS TOURNAMENT FOR THE FIRST TIME with over 50% performance, the N10,000 cash prize was awarded to Khalid Ahmed who finished with 5 points of 9 games in his first tournament.

Youngest player with the best performanceEkunke Goodness

After the closing ceremony, the tournament director (Ojikutu Samuel) Scheduled an open blitz competition as an after-tournament event to give everyone a feel of tournament thrill.

Tournament director- Ojikutu Samuel

The after-tournament event lasted 5 rounds and surprisingly, CM Okeke Isaac and Okemakinde Toluwanimi won joint first in the event.

After-tournament 5 rounds blitz event

Special thanks to the CEO of DanhyPro Services Limited, International Master Daniel Anwuli, sponsors, Africa Chess Media, BruvsChess media, and the entire Danhypro team – Tournament director – Samuel Ojikutu, Assistant Tournament Director – Michael Benson, Chief Arbiter – Titoluwanimi Rapheal for making this happen!

Also, special thanks to Royalton hotels for providing a most wonderful and serene environment coupled with impeccable service from staff truly worth five stars!

Royalton HotelsNo. 16, Gongola Street, Off Moshood Abiola Way Area 2, Garki FCT – Abuja, Nigeria.

Catch you all next in the Asaba edition!

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